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For 2021 I will be starting a photography Blog with details of photography trips I have been on, and images from the trip. Click on the images to enlarge them.  Please check this page regularly for updates.

1st January 2021:

I was up at 5:15 am, and by 6:00 am I was sat in the care with temperatures at minus 4. Ice on the inside and outside of the windscreen.  After de-icing the car, it was the short trip from home to Durdle Door to capture the sunrise through the arch.  This is a great location, apart from the climb back up to the car afterwards.  The sun rises through the arch over a period of around 4 - 6 weeks a year, so planning is essential to get these shots.

Blog Update:

So, just after starting my 2021 Blog, Covid Lockdown 3 starts.  I;ll try continue the Blog, but posts will be limited during lockdown

6th February 2021:

Staying local I went down to Wool Bridge near my home and took a few early morning shots.  

The weather was misty, and even after sunrise the mist failed to clear that much.

9th February 2021

We had a light dusting of snow this morning, so I headed down to Corfe Castle Station to capture a wintry shot before starting work. Nice picture for 2021 Christmas cards.

10th February 2021

On the road from Bovington to Crossways there was a small section that was been flooded recently. Vehicles going past have splashed the water into the hedges at the roadside, and the recent cold weather has frozen the water, resulting in some icicles being formed.

28th February 2021

An early morning trip to a nearby coastal spot on the Jurassic Coast found me taking some shots at Lulworth Cove

13th March 2021

Hardly a soul around on my visit to the market town of Wimborne in East Dorset on a sunny early spring morning

27th March 2021

Parked the car at Daggers Gate and took the walk over to the Jurassic Coast, stopping on the way back to take a picture of the stunning Dorset countryside.